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Motivational Interviewing is therapy approach that challenges residents to make goals for treatment and give them something tangible to reach for as they work towards individual change. This is a strength-based approach that allows clients the opportunity of come to their own conclusions regarding the benefits of recovery. By giving the client ultimate power over their decisions, clients begin to take ownership over their recovery and treatment.

The more personal investment in their personal recovery: the greater chance of building and sustaining lasting change.

This contrasts with some other approaches to long-term drug treatment, which are based on the therapist challenging the client and imposing their point of view about the person’s addiction. Collaboration has the effect of building a bond between the therapist and the client, and allows the client to develop trust towards the therapist, which can be difficult in a challenging situation.

How It Works

The basics of Motivational Interviewing is centered on three key ideas:
One of the benefits of motivational interviewing is that our clients feel they are heard. Young men in drug treatment often feel like nobody is listening or cares about what they think or have to say. By speaking to each client about their individual goals and challenges, they get a personal experience that makes their recovery all the more meaningful. This builds a strong bond between clinician and client which allows them to dive into their drug treatment with confidence and trust.

Not everyone’s level of motivation for recovery or change is the same. Motivational Interviewing is a tool our staff utilizes to help break through our client’s denial. By identifying problematic behaviors in their addiction and behavior quickly, clients can enlist other therapeutic tools and techniques that propel their journey to recovery.