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Holistic Drug & Alcohol Treatment is a multi-disciplined approach to treating addiction. Blueprints For Recovery believes in treating every aspect of the client’s disease.

When coupled with traditional treatments such as 12-step, traditional therapy, and social treatment, holistic treatment treats the entire being, not just their dependence.
At Blueprints For Recovery, we offer health and nutritional classes, weekly hiking trips, monthly backpacking trips (4 to 5 a day), and exercise programs to help the individual develop a sense of self.

Holistic drug and alcohol treatment is another tool in the client’s kit to help them achieve long-term recovery.


We meditate and pray daily, teaching the clients various forms of meditation, with the intention of each man finding a match for his own, personal, spiritual journey. At the beginning of each week, our residents learn a new form of meditation, and then practice it through Saturday, allowing them to get a real feel for each meditation tradition. The goal of our inpatient treatment center is to provide every patient with a beneficial meditation and prayer practice.

Spirituality Program

Although long-term drug treatment is not religiously based, many clients have built a successful recovery foundation on their spirituality. Faith is an essential facet of traditional long-term drug treatment. Many choose to draw inspiration from their spirituality in different and creative ways when working to recover from drugs and alcohol addiction.
At Blueprints For Recovery, we proudly offer a weekly Spiritual Book Club, where we read provocative books as a group and discuss them. Our goal is to get our clients thinking about the broader concepts of living a spiritual life. We also serve all of Arizona, Tucson, and Phoenix.
Our book club list has included:
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