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Everyone deals with traumatic events differently. While some can process the incident and put it behind them, others have a difficult time transitioning back to a normal life. In humans, the mind can get “stuck” in alert mode, making it impossible to feel safe or relaxed. Trauma disorders are nothing to be taken lightly.

At The PAC Program, we provide recovery treatment for survivors of childhood and/or adult trauma. We treat a variety of disorders including PTSD, acute stress disorder, and
Additionally, we can simultaneously treat addictions that you or your loved one may be struggling with. Our treatment methodology addresses all the underlying dynamics of trauma and addiction. Check to see if your insurance is covered.

Trauma Therapy Services

Our inpatient treatment center in Arizona uses evidence-based practices to help our patients recover from trauma:
  1. Somatic Experience Therapy – This is an evidence-based treatment for addiction that aims to help people process and move on from traumatic events. It is based on the research of psychologist Peter Levine, who realized that wild animals are unaffected by trauma despite living under the threat of death on a daily basis. Unlike animals, many people do not let go of tension after a traumatic event has occurred, which can lead to destructive behavior.
  2. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – After a traumatic event, it is easy for the human brain to feel overwhelmed by the experience. EMDR was originally created to treat PTSD, but after research showed a link between trauma and addiction, its use has been expanded for addiction therapy. The therapy is broken up into eight phases. Each phase is designed to help desensitize themselves to negative emotions from a traumatic event through eye movement exercise. While the therapy seems deceptively simple on the surface, many nuances and techniques can only be fully understood by working with a trained therapist.

Learning to Trust Others & Yourself

Many people respond to trauma with silence. It can be difficult to process your feelings after a tragedy, and harder still to try and put them into words. Worse still, as others around you seem to move on from the incident, your own feelings about it may worsen, and you will start to wonder why you seem to be the only person who still cares. You may also start to feel mistrusting of others without even realizing it, bottling in fears and anxiety out of fear that your feelings will be considered “ridiculous.”

Learning to trust people in your recovery environment will allow you to come to terms with your traumatic event and start discussing it. Accepting support from others in the recovery group can lead to meaningful breakthroughs and provide a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Talking through your feelings will help your mind to let go of them instead of holding them in until they devolve into destructive behaviors. We proudly serve all Arizona, Phoenix, and Tucson.

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